FAQ's - CtServer

Q. I am installing a Mako 2, ECRM RIP, and CtServer. This is a two-box PC platform situation. I installed the ECRM RIP and choose ECRM Tiff as my device. Which device in the Page Set-up do I select?
A. If CtServer and RIP are on separate Intel based computers, choose “ECRM Tiff To Folder” as the device. If both applications are on the same PC you would select “ECRM Tiff To CtServer”.

Q. How do I back up my CtServer?
A. You will need to select "export property set" under the File pull down menu. You can export each property set individually or by selecting the * (wildcard) will export all property sets. You can restore later by choosing "import property set" under the same File pull down menu.
To save your exposure values, you will need to copy the "exposures.dat" file from the following directory. C:ECRM CtServer/bin/config to a back-up disc. You can restore the setting by copying this file into the same directory. Another way is to make a text file and note each exposure value by media and resolution. Upon reinstall, enter values in the “set exposure” menu after you've created your media sizes. Please be aware this procedure does not back Tiff files within the "Administrator Job List"

Q. Upon start-up after a long weekend, I’ve noticed the CtServer takes some time to communicate and become online with my CTP, is there a way to speed up this process?

A. When shutting down at the end of the week, delete jobs in the Administrator Job List that have been completed and already went to press.

Q. I would like to have custom registration marks placed on my tiff's, does CtServer have this option?

A. Yes, however this is a chargable layered option feature called "CtServer Professional". You must have a dongle with a serial number of 1000 or higher and a version of CtServer 5.x or higher. Please contact ECRM Customer Service with your inquiry.

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