Q. After changing the drive motor the drive belt keeps tracking to one side, why?
A. The motor mounting bracket is a stamped part and if fitted the wrong way will not sit parallel to the chassis and therefore cause the drive belt to track. Simply re-fit the motor bracket the other way around.

Q. What are the correct yellow safelight specifications for violet plate?
A. The safelight conditions are different depending upon plate vendor and plate type.
I list below the current specifications for available digital violet plates:
For Agfa Lithostar Ultra LAP-V & N91v Polymer Plates a V50 Safelight is recommended
For Mitsubishi Silver Digiplate Alpha Violet Plates a YG-10 Safelight is recommended
For FujiFilm LP-NV Polymer Plates a FV-30 Safelight is recommended
For Lastra LV-2 Polymer Plates a YG-10 Safelight is recommended

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