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ECRM Imaging Systems is a global leader in imaging technologies for the graphic communications industry. For over four decades ECRM has successfully applied a broad range of optical, imaging, laser, and digital-electronic technologies to meet the business needs of its customers. Today, ECRM is an industry leader with it's patented flatbed violet laser imaging technology. The Massachusetts-based company has sold and supported more than 5,000 computer-to-plate devices and over 29,000 imagesetters in 110 countries around the world. ECRM is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in research and development, design, manufacturing, service, and support.

What does ECRM stand for?

The acronym ECRM speaks to the fact that we have been serving the Graphics Communications industry for over three decades. Electronic Character Recognition Machinery was born when customer needs in the late 1960's gave birth to electronic character recognition technologies. ECRM was founded in 1969 by Professors Samuel J. Mason, William Schreiber, and Donald Troxel, all PhDs from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Melvin Fennell from The Associated Press. They developed one of the first commercially successful optical character recognition (OCR) machines.

ECRM Imaging Systems is a global leader in imaging technologies for the graphic communications industry."

In the mid 1970's, the company developed the Autokon, the first laser-based scanning camera to have broad impact on the publishing industry, becoming a de facto standard for high quality halftone images. In 1983, Richard Black, majority shareholder and CEO, acquired ECRM and today maintains a financially stable, privately held, debt-free company.

Continued research and development led to a number of successful imagesetter products from the mid 1980's through the 1990's including the PelBox, ScriptSetter, KnockOut, Mako and Stingray series.

In DRUPA 1995, ECRM displayed their first computer-to-plate machine (AIR 75) and ran it live in their booth. In 1996 ECRM acquired Holotek Ltd., an innovator of holographic scanning components and holder of 15 U.S. patents. Holotek's high-quality scanning components and subsystems have become important ingredients in ECRM's ability to deliver highly reliable, high-resolution imaging solutions for graphic arts and publishing applications. The combination of ECRM engineering and Holotek technology have propelled the company to the leading edge of laser-based optical systems.

In 2002, a strategic decision was made to develop violet laser CTP systems. This has resulted in a complete product portfolio of MAKO CTP machines. ECRM continues to apply its research and development to the need for reliable, high-value, computer-to-plate devices in the publishing and commercial graphic arts.

In 2006, ECRM acquired the polyester CTP business of Esko-Graphics. This acquisition allows ECRM to better serve customers with an even wider portfolio of products covering additional segments of the printing and publishing markets.

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